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December's Fine
Feathered Friend

The Red-crowned Parrot is our bird for December and WOW are they special!

Did you know….?


  • They are the city bird of Brownsville, Texas.

  • Native to northeastern Mexico, they migrated here years ago because of a severe drought. Now they are considered native to Southern Texas!

  • They live to be about 20 years old in the wild and up over 50 in captivity.

  • Illegal bird trade is responsible for the decline in numbers.

Parrot SEO.JPG
Parrots 2.JPG

As they usually travel in groups, the Red-crowned Parrots are usually heard before being seen. They usually fly regular routes from their roosting spots to foraging locations. They love fruit and can be seen munching in palm and other fruit bearing trees, like Hackberry and Fiddlewoods. Their green coloring can make them hard to spot in the trees, but in flight it is easy to see their red crowned head and red marking on their wings. The blue on the nape of their head is harder to see, but when the sun shines just right it gleams!

Y’all enjoy your Christmas and thank you soooo much for joining in our 2023 Make-Along!

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