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The Lamb's Loom!
Pray ~ Encourage ~ Give

Did you know?

~ In 2021 The Lamb’s Loom served 18 different mission groups. In 2022 we served 23 different mission groups! ~ In 2021 over 4800 items were sent with these groups. In 2022 5675 items were sent out! ~ Last year we had two Sit-n-Knit areas. This year, with the addition of Peggy’s Porch, we have three! Growth is happening everywhere around here! And although, we’re a small non-profit, with your gifts and God’s direction we are able to help thousands around the world get a bit of love-in-every-stitch that’s put together! There will be so many gifts of encouragement being sent out. Hats in Durango, Mexico and hats in the Appalachians and blankets in Reynosa and, well y’all get the idea! Thanks to your lovely, warm gifts we are also blessed to be able to provide some temporary warmth to our locals who are without housing, or do not have access to a home with any heat. And year around we provide a local pregnancy center with baby hats and booties, prayer shawls for local grief care groups and Knitted Knockers to three clinics. The list is growing and we are grateful for each and every one who continues to support us! If you have any items you would like to add, PLEASE do! Every item finds the perfect place to warm someone’s heart. If you would like to send financial donations and support to us (they help keep the lights on and the needles going!), thank you! There are several ways to give, so please take a look here and join us! Remember, The Lamb’s Loom is not just a yarn shop, it’s a ministry and a mindset.

Ways to give...

* set up a monthly donation 

    via your banking institution

* send via your CashApp to   


* Donate in person

* Join our Make-Along and

   add to our Donation Chest!

* Student Volunteers

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