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Colorful Yarn


The days around The Lamb's Loom are always full of yarn fun....we hope you will join us!

Check out the calendar below to see what's going on...


Stay 'n Pray

Join us for a time of prayer together, every Thursday from 4 till 4:30 p.m..

If you have made a blanket or prayer shawl, you are welcome to bring it and we will pray with you for the recipient.

Every year we have fun with our Make-Alongs! We are looking forward to this year's theme and all of your creativity!

More info here....

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Our friends, Art & Annabell...

 are getting ready for Christmas!

They have been working with Celebrando Navidad, in Reynosa, for years. They are now taking the lead in organizing this event! As part of this celebration, over a thousand people will be fed, presents given and the story of Jesus' birth shared.

They are gathering different items every month to create the children's gift bags. The Lamb's Loom is a collection site for them, so y'all are welcome to join in and drop off here!

celebrando list.jpg

Celebrando Navidad

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