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November's Butterfly Flitty Friend

Meet the Checkered White!

This beauty can be seen flitting around yards and roadsides all during the summer in South Texas. It is very common in the southern US and through to northern Mexico.

It’s larva is known as a Cabbage Worm and they do like various greens as their host plant.   


The Checkered White’s wingspan is about an inch and a half in size. They fly a little slower, but seem to bounce around a bit…maybe that’s our South Texas winds? 😉

They do have different patterns for the male and female. His markings are darker, almost black, while she has tan markings. The hindwings on both are white.


Many of our summer flowers can attract them, like the Palafox seen here. We have seen a few on the mists flowers in our backyard Sit-n-Knit, so keep your eyes out next summer!

Checkered White.jpg

It's been suggested, and we love the idea, to incorporate the butterfly's host plant color into your creation!

So, here are a few Lamb's Loom shop yarn suggestions for your project! Come by and get yours, or give us a call and we will ship to you...and as always, feel free to dive into your own stash! ☺

Nov BFF yarn 2022.jpg
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