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November's Fine
Feathered Friend

Look up, Friends!

In South Texas we can literally see Fall flying in! This time of year it is common to look up and see thousands of hawks surfing the thermals, as each cold front blows thru, and making their way south for the winter.

Welcome in the Cooper’s Hawk!

Coopers Hawk 2.jpg
cooper 2.jpg

The Cooper’s Hawk is striking in its coloring and intensity. Their method of hunting is extremely stealthy. With unbelievable patience, they will sit in the thick branches of a tree and take in their lunch possibilities. As the diet of these birds is predominately other small birds, or mammals, they have lots to choose from across the Valley. We have parks, backyards and open farm land that make for good cruising. Then, its time to hop on another air current and check out the next town down wind.


Did you know that every year there is a "Hawk Count" that tracks the annual migration? You can get more info at Bentsen State Park and they have a Hawk Observation Tower!!!

So this fall, take a peek in your trees, you never know who may be winking back at you!

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