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December's Butterfly Flitty Friend

Just in time for Christmas, it's the Malachite!

They blend right in with the green foliage, so look carefully or you will miss the Malachite!


Their wingspan is just under four inches! The Malachite can be found in Central America, northern South America, Florida and parts of Texas.

Their host plant is the ruellia, planted routinely all over the valley. The adults like to eat from rotting fruit (often put out for birds, but not finished off), nectar from various flowers and bat dung! They do like a habitat like an orchard or generously landscaped yard.

And they are here this time of year! If this guy had not moved, we never would have seen him….what a treat!

Malachite 1.jpg
Malachite closed.jpg

It's been suggested, and we love the idea, to incorporate the butterfly's host plant color into your creation!

So, here are a few Lamb's Loom shop yarn suggestions for your project! Come by and get yours, or give us a call and we will ship to you...and as always, feel free to dive into your own stash! ☺

Dec BFF yarn 2022.jpg
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