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October's Fine
Feathered Friend

Nashville pond.JPG

Oh, when the Nashville Warblers fly in, you can feel them ushering in the South Texas “spring” in March, or announcing that cooler weather is on the way when they head south for the winter in September!

This group flew in and had a wonderful pool party in our new pond. It was so fun to watch them as they hopped from one lily pad to another, splashing in the refreshing water!

When you don’t have a whole flock announcing itself, the easiest way to identify them is by the white ring around their eye. They have an olive green back, bright yellow chest and this is all capped off with a soft grey head. Sometimes you can see a small rust colored dot on the very top of their head, too!

Nashville Warbler_edited.jpg
Nashville Warbler2_edited.jpg

Nashville Warblers are primarily insect eaters, so we do not often see them around our feeders, BUT as they are migrating through here during the fall and spring, the sound of the water brings them in for a refreshing bath. Birds do hear water from quite a distance, so if you have a bird bath, try adding a small pump to agitate the water and make a little noise and maybe you will have a pool party of your very own!

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