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Welcome to our 2022 Make-Along!

What's a Make-Along, you ask?

It is a fun time of creation and giving, all wrapped into one! Every month has a new inspiration, based on our theme for the year. You then create an item for the Donation Chest at The Lamb's Loom.

This year's theme will have you flitting and floating those stitches all year!

There are tens of thousands of people who come to South Texas to see all the wonderful birds and butterflies. And we shared in a few birds last year, so this year's theme will be those Butterfly Flitty Friends ~ you can just call them BFFs!

Some of these butterflies live here all year, others are just passing through, but they are a treat to see! They are all as beautiful and creative as y'all are!

So! Every month we will introduce you to a butterfly in the area, provide yarn suggestions and off you go! Make your favorite project like a hat, scarf, blanket or shawl for the Donation Chest. You are welcome to purchase your yarn here (that supports the mission, too!), or dive into your own stash and find something fun that works with the theme!

You can make as many items as you would like for each month! When you turn them into the Donation Chest, we will add your name to our Make-Along list and you will be in our monthly drawing. AND, at the end of the year, we will celebrate those who participate with more prizes and of course, HUGE thanks for landing on this project and giving of your time to support and help so many.

Join in and be a BFF at The Lamb's Loom this year!



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