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October's Butterfly Flitty Friend

Grass Skipper butterflies are a far-ranging bunch!


According to Wikipedia, there are over 2000 subspecies and they flit all over the world, except New Zealand. (who knows what that’s all about!)


Their full adult size is just over an inch, so keep your eyes open! They are very flitty, as they feed on the mist and other native flowers found in the RGV. The females are a little lighter in color.

Tho’ they are small like a moth, they are out during the day and not at night. The best way to get a photo is to wait by the flowers, because they will settle for a bit as they feed on the nectar.

Their caterpillars feed on grass in your lawn, like Bermuda and St. Augustine, which seems to explain their worldwide population.

Tribe Hesperiini.jpg

It's been suggested, and we love the idea, to incorporate the butterfly's host plant color into your creation!

So, here are a few Lamb's Loom shop yarn suggestions for your project! Come by and get yours, or give us a call and we will ship to you...and as always, feel free to dive into your own stash! ☺

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