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March's Fine
Feathered Friend

Indigo Bunting.JPG

A BIG welcome to our Indigo Bunting!

Part of their winter range begins right here in South Texas, along the Gulf coast and into deep southern Mexico. Further east, the Indigo Buntings range from southern Florida into many of the islands of the Gulf.  

The beautiful blues of the Indigo Bunting are dimmed during winter, but mixed with their soft brown tones, these little birds are just beautiful! The female has less blue, but certainly is no less striking. That color combo does serve as a good camouflage, so keep your eyes open!

You can often see them during our “winter” at many of our birding centers, or in native planted back yard.

They do enjoy dining on small bugs, seeds and nuts. SO, if you use a suet feeding station in your backyard, try a combination that is seeded.

It has been our experience, as this is the furthest north they spend their winters, that a water station will usually treat you to a glimpse or two as they pass through our area.


Indigo Bunting F.JPG
indigo yarn.jpg

It's been suggested, and we love the idea, to incorporate and use all the colors represented in the picture above into your creation... flowers, water, leaves!

So, here are a few Lamb's Loom shop yarn suggestions for your project! Come by and get yours, or give us a call and we will ship to you...and as always, feel free to dive into your own stash! ☺

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