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May's Fine
Feathered Friend

Fischer's Lovebird (1)_edited.jpg



This was a fun surprise, the day we looked up and saw this little one peeking out from the branches!

Lovebirds are native to the continent of Africa. There are several different species, all related to the parrot family. They like to eat fruit and seeds, so our native plant life serves them well here.

Apparently, they received their name because they are very relational, and bond easily. They love their people and require company and play time outside of their cages to stay healthy.


Lovebirds are now seen in the US, because they have escaped from their enclosure somewhere. So, keep looking up, you never know who’s peeking back!

Fischer's Lovebird (2).JPG
Peeking thru!

It's been suggested, and we love the idea, to incorporate and use all the colors represented in the pictures above into your creation... flowers, water, leaves!

Come by and get your yarn, give us a call and we will ship to you...and as always, feel free to dive into your own stash!


Remember to add your name to the project sheet and THANK YOU for joining in! ☺

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