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Passion to serve...

May is such a fun month, full of flowers and sun in the RGV. We picked the Passion Flower for this month in honor of our sweet friend Barbara Trussell. She’s been a part of The Lamb’s Loom since the very first stitch! We all sure miss her, but her “passion” for serving and loving others continues here!

Th Passion Flower will bloom almost year round here in the RGV. Our temperatures and plenty of sun provide a long blooming season. This lovely flower attracts all kinds of visitors. The hummingbirds love it, and you can usually find a caterpillar, or ten, working away on the ones here at The Lamb’s Loom!  


Passion Flower vines are a busy place! Whenever you stop by The Lamb’s Loom, check out Barbara’s vines in our front yard.

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