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Meet the Red-winged Blackbird!

We all know when these guys arrive in town! Their loud voices are unmistakable from blocks away. The males swoop in large flocks and love our freshly cut hay fields around town. They also will gather around yards with feeders and a good water source.

The males have a glossy black body with red and yellow shoulders, while the female is a more subdued brown with a little splash of red on her shoulder. The males love to shout out their calls (that's who we are hearing!), while the females can usually be found on the ground foraging for food.

The Red-winged Blackbird isn't really a city dweller, but they do make their way around town. Most people enjoy the spectacle of swooping and noise, get a few fun pics like these and POOF, they are off to another yard before they leave town!


October's Fine Feathered Friend

Redwinged Blackbird (2).jpg

Jeanie Rowell ®2021

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Redwinged Blackbird (1).jpg

Jeanie Rowell ®2021

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