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The Next Generation

The art of loom knitting, crocheting, and needle knitting has been passed down through the generations, mostly by older family members teaching the young. If you ask most people who know how to crochet or knit, they will tell you their mother or grandmother taught them when they were young.

We want to make sure that the younger generations continue passing on these fiber arts:

Sit 'n Knit room on Saturdays
They come during the week to learn
A project learned and finished in a few days
Kid Time
Kids in Chest
Ari Crochet
After School Fun

After School Fun!

Sit 'n Knit room is available for our young knitters! During this time all the kids work on a project together.

We only have so much room, so we ask that you let us know that you'll be bringing your kid(s) to join us in advance.


We also ask that, if you are bringing more than one child, but not all children will participate in the project, that your focus is on the children not participating.


School outside the box!

During the school year, a group of homeschoolers joins us on Thursday mornings! Similar to After School Fun on Fridays, the homeschool groups work on projects together.

Past projects include:

Loomed Hat, Scarves and Flowers

Kid's Camps
1209 Pecan Blvd, McAllen, TX 78501- 956-607-6855 -
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