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Meet the Long-Billed Thrasher!

This beauty is a South Texas native! Their habitat spans from Del Rio across to Brownsville and south into the east of Mexico. They can be seen at most of our many parks and wild life refuges.

The one pictured here is a frequent visitor to a backyard habitat in McAllen. They are foragers and love picking through leaf litter looking for lunch! They have also been seen in this habitat eating berries from the fiddlewood tree, a South Texas native plant.  Tho’ their brown coloring can make them hard to spot, the flicker of their beautiful orange eye and streaked buff colored belly hopping through the leaves are a big help!


The Long-Billed Thrasher will also nest in shrubby areas, so a garden with native shrubs and leaf litter (not mulch), is the perfect invitation for a visit.

November's Fine Feathered Friend

11 21 Thrasher1.jpg

Jeanie Rowell ®2021

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