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Our Fine Feathered Friend for December is the

Northern Cardinal!

When these beauties fly in, it is as if they usher in the "fall" for the Rio Grande Valley. Although they are considered to be non-migratory, they are seldom seen in this backyard habitat year round. Here, there are plenty of other locals, like the Chachalacas, to encourage them to nest full time elsewhere. Northern Cardinals are very territorial tho', and like to check out their new neighborhood. This includes chest bumping the window when they see their own reflection!

The male Cardinals are very flashy in their bright red plumage, while the female flits around in her soft brown feathering, with just a touch of soft red on her wings. They both have a reddish orange beak, and their songs are often heard long before you spot the birds. 

Cardinals may be known as seed eaters (so get those feeders full!), but they also like to peck around for bugs in the leaf litter.

We hope you enjoy your holidays....and a little extra dash of color in your own backyard habitat this year!

December's Fine Feathered Friend

Cardinal Male.jpg

Jeanie Rowell ®2020

Cardinal F (1).JPG

Jeanie Rowell ®2015

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