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Meet the Green Jay!

This is another wonderful

South Texas Native. We are as far north as they wander and they range as far south as Honduras.

Here in the Rio Grande Valley their habitat is mainly a good monte, with access to water. You can usually find them in many of our parks, such as The Butterfly Center (south of Mission), Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge (south of Pharr) or Estero Llano Grande (south of Weslaco).  Tho' this one pictured here, along with his family, hung out in a backyard habitat for a few years that's not far from The Lamb's Loom!

Green Jays are not picky eaters, as they will help themselves to bugs in the leaf litter of your yard, eat from a feeder, or fruit from trees!

They make lots of noise and are extremely territorial. And since the Plain Chachalacas and the Kiskadees are also very territorial, that makes for an entertaining chorus of birds, if you have all three trying to take up residence!

August's Fine Feathered Friend

GreenJay print.jpg

Jeanie Rowell ®2020

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